Posted on November 07 2023

November is crucial to prepare your garden and home for the colder months ahead. Remember, Millstone Market & Nursery is your go-to spot for gardening supplies, holiday decorations, and gifts.

  • Reserve Your Live Christmas Tree: Now, beat the rush by securing your holiday tree at Millstone Market.
  • Plant Bulbs and Pansies: Use this time to plant bulbs for spring blossoms. We have a great selection at the store.
  • Garden Clean-Up: Trim spent blooms, clear debris, and prep your soil.
  • Soil Enrichment: Enrich your soil with compost or organic matter for next season’s growth. Check our variety of options at Millstone.
  • Apply Mulch: Guard plant roots with a protective mulch layer.
  • Plant Trees and Shrubs: Early November is ideal for planting. Come by today, and Manny will help you select the best plants for your space.
  • Seed Collection: Save seeds from your vegetables and flowers planting next year.
  • Divide Perennials: Spread the joy of overgrown perennials with friends or redistribute them in your garden.
  • Reflect and Plan: Evaluate this year's garden and strategize for the upcoming one.
  • Holiday Decorating and Entertainment: Start thinking about your holiday décor; visit us at Millstone Market for unique decorations and greenery.
  • Home and Winter Garden Renewal: Update your indoor and outdoor areas for winter. (Suggest specific products)
  • Pre-Freeze Watering: Water plants thoroughly before a freeze to insulate them.
  • Plan New Projects: Tackle those garden beds or hardscape tasks. Contact Millstone Market for a garden consultation.
  • Houseplant Care: Time to bring outdoor-loving houseplants indoors. Clean, repot if needed, and treat with organic insecticidal soap against pests. Visit the Millstone Market Green House for a range of festive indoor plants.

Tackling these tasks ensures your garden's resilience through winter and flourishing in spring. Happy gardening! Remember, Millstone Market is here for all your supplies, expert advice, and holiday gifting needs. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and joy in gardening!

Happy Thanksgiving!