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This summer mix and match your indoor containers with color, texture, or even types of plants. We have a new shipment of plants that not only thrive both indoors and outdoors but will bring life and energy into any living space. #thecolorpurple #orchid #succulents #monday #doughbowl @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Keeping it simple on this Saturday, the second day of summer!! Aptly named Watermelon Peperomia for its similarity to the rind of a watermelon. 🍉 A bright room with not to much water and less water in the winter will help this plant thrive. These are very easy to grow and can make a good plant choice for the beginner. Non-toxic to cats and dogs. New shipment yesterday, right now we have plenty!! #watermelonpeperomia #watermelonparty #houseplants #houseplantsofinstagram @houseplantclub #saturday #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

🎼 One of these things is not like the others One of these things just doesn’t belong Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song? Three of these things are kind of the same...Now it’s time to play our game 🎼 #guessinggame #oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother #fridayfunday #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @flowermagazine @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #germantown #germantowntn

Ready for pickup!! Bring us your container or choose from one of ours, we will have you good to go for your next soirée ! . . . #partyready #whiteorchids #whiteflowers #shop901 #customarrangements #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shopgermantown #shopsmall

“How to Plant A Showstopper” will be one of 10 Youtube videos we will be launching this summer. This shade perennial container will be part of the show!! We will have one for Sun, part sun, and this is the one that was potted for shade!! . . . Some controversial thoughts : Last week a customer returned 3 plants she purchased a month before that didn’t make it. After some conversation trying to find out what happened, irrigation, soil, plant placement, etc... it became clear that they were planted in the plastic buckets and also not watered. They did not know to remove the plants from the buckets, loosen the roots, etc.... things we think everyone already knows to do to give your plant a long happy life! So we have added a few more videos to our, soon to be launched, informational channel “Take The Guess Work Out Of Planting Shrubs” But since I think of plant death as something that occasionally happens to even the best gardeners - a natural part of the process of growing plants - do you think it’s something nurseries should be expected to take responsibility for? Thoughts? #howtoplant #containergarden🌱 #shadegarden #perennialgarden

Fresh from our new cutting garden!! Not sure when we will actually be able to call it a “Flower Farm” but those words are music to my ears! If you have driven down Poplar lately you might have noticed the field in front of the shop starting to transform 🌸🌿 . . . On a side note! I might be late to the game but I have been listening to #canthurtme book written by David Coggins. It had many great reviews and it grabbed my attention. His story has started to reshape my thoughts in areas I was really struggling with. His delivery can be harsh and he leaves (what seems like) it all out there! Just one of hundreds of take aways “Everyday you’re trying to find more of what you’re capable of and that’s the big question. What are you capable of? Stop doing the things that you do everyday. If you run everyday, go swim.” #growsomething #growsomethingbeautiful #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

If you are looking for a bright spot we can help! Two plant trucks will be in this week with fresh color for inside and out. Watch our ig stories and I’ll highlight the new inventory! Can’t wait to see you! #summercontainers #summervibes #tabledecor #pottedplants @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn #germantown

Time to rework your door decor? Let us help you add charm and summer color! Bring in your containers or choose from one of ours...we can have you party ready in no time 🎉 #doordecor #doordecoration #curbappeal #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #germantown #germantowntn #shop901

Are you waking up to your stems being eaten off, leaves are yellowing and wilting, and holes are appearing, you may have a striped or spotted cucumber beetle problem. Now that the weather has warmed up, insects emerge from their winter slumbers and begin their search for food. Pair this with their natural instinct to reproduce this time of year, and the results can be tough. We will do what we can to help...bring us photos or the culprit itself (in a secured baggie) and we will help you identify and hopefully control your pest problems. Have y’all seen any of these guys or is it just me?? #cucumberbeetle #gardenpests #gardenpestcontrol #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

So now that I have a moss mound how do I take care of it? Once the moss has been harvested and shipped to us it will not continue to live but will stay green for years with minimal care. You need to keep your moss mound out of the sun, including sunny windows, and mist the entire surface of your moss mound twice a week. By keeping the moss hydrated it will keep a fresh appearance, remain soft, and keep the edges from separating. That’s it!! By checking out #mossmoundmonday you can see several of our moss mound creations!! Which is your favorite ? #joyinthejourney #mossmound #moss #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shopgermantown

This little Happy is available to make someone’s Saturday! Feeling refreshed, and a bit soggy, after all the rains? Well, we are grateful for the lower humidity and cooler temps forecasted for the upcoming week here in the south! It’s not time to put those shovels away yet...come see us today!! Remember our new summer hours: M- Sat. 9:00 to 5:00 and closed Sundays 🌿🌸 #gardening #joyinthejourney #randomactsofkindness #makesomeonesday #shop901 #germantowntn @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Whether your style is contemporary or cottage Agapanthus is impossible not to love. Once your early spring bloomers fade here come these flamboyant and prized showstoppers!! Choose from purple, blue or white and add this spectacular spherical perennial to your garden. Easy to grow, pest and disease free, with upright stalks atop clumps of beautiful, long, shiny leaves. Agapanthus thrive in full sun to partial shade. These attract hummingbirds and work well as a cut flower. What more could you ask of a plant 🌿 #agapanthus #perennialgarden #cuttinggarden @styleblueprintmemphis @cottagesgardens @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Who doesn’t need a sassy swan sprinkler to add a smile to their garden? Now that your plants are in place do you still feel like something is missing? This swan sprinkler is sure to add a touch of charm while working hard to keep your plants well watered. 🦢 #swansofinstagram #joyinthejourney #whimsicalgarden #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Looking for that perfect tree to add interest to your garden? Well, the graceful look of this Japanese Stewartia should be on display for all to see. Summer blooms and fall color only add to its charm. Slow growing only reaching 15-30 Ft tall it works well in all size lawns. Lovely, Camellia-like blooms in the summer and bronzy-purple foliage in fall. This is an all season performer!! #japanesestewartia #ornamentaltree @monroviaplants @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #curbappeal

Combining garden elements can bring attention to those special treasures that would otherwise be lost. We love our little boy with the bunny statue but he just isn’t large enough to stand alone in the garden. Placing him as a focal point in this arrangement gives him a place to shine! 🌿 New Summer hours: M- Saturday 9 - 5:00 Closed Sundays 🌿 #boysandbunnies #gardendecor #gardenstatuary #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @cottagesgardens

Party ready! This custom arrangement will greet folks at the door! 🌿 Please note that starting this Sunday we will be closed Sundays only. #weekendready #whiteorchids #partyready @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #germantowntn

It’s called Degenerative Myelopathy and the prognosis is grave. It is an uncommon disease that primarily affects purebred dogs. There is no cure or current treatment for DM. It is a progressive disease of the spinal cord causing progressive paralysis in large dogs. This diagnosis was given to us yesterday for Bruno , we will take this one day at a time and keep Bruno as comfortable and happy as possible. As you all have experienced the love for a pet you know how hard it can be! Bruno has always been such a joy to our entire family always having a favorite, Hayden! #bernesemountaindog #shopdog #bernesedaily #berneseofinstagram

The blend of perennial and annual plant material creates magical arrangements. When the perennial bloomer season ends it still provides interesting foliage while the annuals continue to provide blooms. Before the first frost, perennials go into the garden for years of enjoyment. Another way to get more out of your potted plants! #doubledutybeauty #customarrangements #perennialgarden #shopsmall #shop901 #germantowntn

You can help save the Monarch Butterfly by planting this Native Milkweed. Monarch caterpillars feed exclusively on the leaves of milkweed, the only host plant for this iconic butterfly species. As such, milkweed is critical for the survival of monarchs. Without it, they cannot complete their life cycle. Monarchs are in trouble today but the good news is that planting milkweed is easy and each of us can make a difference! #savethemonarchs #plantmilkweed #plantmilkweedformonarchs #milkweed #shop901 #germantowntn

The Munchkin Oakleaf Hydrangea is stealing the show in this partial shade door basket. Regular watering to maintain evenly moist soil will give you blooms all summer. Before your first frost putting this perennial hydrangea in the garden will bring beautiful white flowers for years to come. This also makes a great cut flower open white and age to pink, remaining upright even after heavy rain. Dark green, deeply lobed oak-like foliage turns brilliant mahogany in fall. Compact and well-suited for smaller landscapes, in groups, or as a hedge. Perfect choice for a plant that can work double/triple duty for you!! #munchkinoakleafhydrangea @monroviaplants #shopsmall #shop901 #customarrangements #joyinthejourney #germantowntn #doorbasket #doordecor #doordecoration @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Back to work after a long weekend...hope your week is filled with all things bright and beautiful!! 🌿 #brightandbeautiful #perennialgarden #cuttinggarden #germantowntn #customarrangements #joyinthejourney #shop901

Grabbed a quick pic of this custom arrangement headed out the door! We will be happy to help you arrange the perfect combo for your containers or leave them for us to pot for you! Either way, we will be back open Tuesday morning at 9:00 am and look forward to seeing each of you!! #happymemorialday #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #customarrangements @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shopsmall #germantowntn #shop901

Company over Memorial Day Weekend? Let your arrangements work overtime for you, choose annuals and perennials that will keep on entertaining in your garden long after the party is over! We will be closed Sunday and Monday but would love to help you pick out the perfect plants today and tomorrow. #doubledutybeauty #tablecenterpiece #cuttinggarden #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #backyardbouquet #germantowntn #shop901 #shopsmall @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @cottagesgardens

Early morning harvest...mixing backyard blooms with brown and white transferware!! #afewofmyfavoritethings #backyardbouquet #earlymornings @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantown #shopsmall #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Confederate Jasmine Vs. Madison Jasmine, that is the question we get asked often! Both are evergreen and bloom in old wood (shoots from previous years, and both produce beautifully fragrant white blooms. However, there are a few big differences. Madison Jasmine is considered to be a zone hardier than Confederate jasmine. Madison is more compact, growing 12 feet where Confederate Jasmine can easily grow 20 feet and sometimes more. The Madison has a “sweeter” orange-blossom scent, as compared to the more Jasmine-like perfume scent of Confederate and blooms April until June. Madison will bloom during the same time but can continue in lighter flushed for most of the summer. Hope this helps!! #madisonjasmine #confederatejasmine #evergreenvine #shopgermantown #shop901 #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #fountain thanks to @csteeleduffy for sharing your picture with me 🥰

We currently have 35 variety of stunning hydrangeas for you to choose from. Everything from dwarf to tree form and sun to shade, from lacecap, panicle, mophead or snowball. There are also types that bloom on old wood, types that bloom on new wood, and types that bloom on both. Add bloom colors of blue, purple, red, white, pink and green to your landscape summer and into fall with hydrangeas. They also make a great cutting flower to brighten any bouquet !! #winwin #hydrangea #cuttinggarden #shopdog #bernesemountaindogs #shop901 #joyinthejourney #germantowntn #shopgermantown

Recipe for a Summer Basket: Ingredients: Canna lily Heuchera Creeping Jenny Vinca Coleus Pow Wow Lambs Ear 🌿 Using baskets as planters is a great, unique way to bring charm and texture into your garden. You can use black plastic for your liner, be sure to add drain holes to the bottom. Even though these baskets will not last forever, I’d given them a few seasons, it’s better than being in the attic!! #gardenbasket #summercontainers #lambsear #cannalily #shopgermantown #shop901 #joyinthejourney #germantowntn we are open Today, noon to five!!

“It is only with the heart that one can see clearly, for the most essential things are invisible to the eye.” Hans Christian Anderson. The Ugly Duckling 🦢 #swansofinstagram #swan #shop901 #joyinthejourney #shopgermantown @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @lgrmag

In the Meaning of Color blue is a calming color, showing creativity, peace, and tranquility. The color blue reduces stress and creates a sense of calmness and relaxation. Feeling a little blue today? 💙 #salvia #blue #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #bernerofinstagram #shopgermantown #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #bernesemountaindogs

What a treat we have for you, these Coral Sunset Peony will literally take your breath away with their beauty!! These heavy bloomers will flush out with intense coral overtones before gradually fading to pale ivory. The long stems make these an excellent cut flower with a long vase life (over a week) if cut in bud. Recipient of the prestigious American Peony Society Gold Medal this will be a real prize in your garden!! @jamestfarmer you need this “coral” beauty at farmdale!! #peony #cuttinggarden #coralflowers @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn @monroviaplants @emilyxmonrovia #monroviaplants

Let’s party with The Let’s Dance hydrangea series!! This represents the next generation of reblooming hydrangea. They have improved flower color and attractive foliage so you have a more beautiful garden. Every year, Let’s Dance hydrangeas bloom on both new wood and old wood, delivering lots of flowers and lots of wow to your landscape. #letsdance #hydrangea #cuttinggarden #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @provenwinners @monroviaplants @athomemagazine

Not a lot of space for herbs, no worries, they work great in containers! Not sure how to grow or what to do with herbs when planted, no worries, save the date for our upcoming Gardening and Cooking With Herbs Class 🌿 Saturday, June 8th 10:00 am Mary Harvey Gurley will be back by popular demand teaching her annual class on growing, cooking and how to preserve herbs. You will need to reserve a seat and we have a small fee so call today 🌿 901-730-1183 🌿 #herbs #cookingwithherbs #germantowntn #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine

The Astilbe is stealing the show in this potted wall sink. Astilbe perform best in partial shade and a great cut flower. Mass planted in the garden or used for containers this prize winning perennial never disappoints! We have lots of color options available and are here to help you create your garden and container combinations! 🌿 #astilbe #customarrangements #shadegarden #cuttinggarden #flowerfarm @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #germantowntn #shop901 #shopgermantown

Perennial and annual shade loving combo for the win!! 🌿 can you spot the baby mouse ears? Oh so cute and back in stock!! #mondaymotivation #shop901 #germantowntn #customarrangements @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #choosejoy #joyinthejourney

If you are looking for a last minute gift that will keep on giving? This gorgeous coral rose thrives in heat and will give fragrant blooms spring through fall! We will be open today noon till 5:00 🌿 #happymothersday #coralrose #mothersday @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shop901

Symmetrical balance is defined by the even spread of matching elements. Focal points are used in garden design to draw and direct the eye. Team work is the combined actions of a group of people, especially when effective. 🌿 We would like to thank @agriscapes for including us in their team and allowing us to be part of this garden project !! #teamworkmakesdreamwork And we can collaborate again for you!! Plant material listed below: Hornbeam Holly Little Lime Hydrangea Baby Gem Boxwood Yew Planters @campania4627

Potting this guy up for Mother’s Day (our last one, call quick) and she reminded me of all the Sweet Mothers out there with twins!! Here’s some extra love to all those blessed with double bundles of joy!! @kendalhenderson @kellihunt1 @rebekahtashie @raganwashburn May God Bless you Abundantly this Mother’s Day week! If you know others blessed with extra bundles tag and 💙🌸 ! All mothers with twins tagged can have 50% off any one item this week, we can ship (not plants) most anywhere!! #twinsofinstagram #twins #mothersday #choosejoy #kangaroosofinstagram #kangaroo #beablessing #mothersdaygifts #germantowntn #shopgermantown #shop901

Just starting to show color is the new Summer Crush from Endless Summer!! This intensely colored, reblooming, florist quality, raspberry red bloom will make your outdoor living space the talk of the neighborhood!! Full sun to part shade, this hydrangea will stay compact and tidy throughout the summer!! New to the market this would make a great Mother’s Day happy!! #mothersdaygifts #summercrushhydrangea #stfransis #beablessing #hydrangea @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @campania4627 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #endlesssummer

What a privilege that these three know me as their “leelee” and this is their new home! May this home be a place of happiness, laughter, and health... of safety and contentment, generosity and hope. A home of creativity and kindness. A home of day dreams of memories and studying and traditions. May those who live here and those who visit, know and feel only the peace and love of our savior! #newhomeblessings #3grandboys #planterboxes #frontdoor @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @theclassicapplique @ehpugh @mhpugh

I’ve read pages of quotes with the word “surround” all telling me to surround myself with positive people, people that touch my heart....well, my prayer is that I can be the person people want to be surrounded by! May I be the one to inspire others and touch their hearts! We are all surrounded by undeserved blessings...I pray to be a blessing to those around me today! 🌿 Thanks to @beautifulsoulboutiquebsb for the adorable garden hat 🌸 #beablessing #whitehydrangeas #gardenhat #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #bekind @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Mother’s Day is the special time of the year when we get to celebrate those Moms, best friends or even the person you always turn to when you need advice. Mother’s Day is a great time to show your love for all the wonderful women who have blessed your life! With 10 days away we would be happy to help you show your loved ones how special you think they are 🌸 #mothersday #choosejoy #shop901 #bekind @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @cottagesgardens

The Green Mountain Boxwood retains excellent color throughout winter and is striking in topiary form. Partial to full sun but must be watered weekly, or more often in extreme heat, Especially if potted in containers! 🌿 #outfordelivery #greenmountainboxwood #formalgarden #topiary #shop901 #containergardening #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #bekind @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @cottagesgardens

We are still all smiles after Sunday’s “showstopper” class in our greenhouse! This hummingbird, butterfly loving container is available for sale!! If you need a bright spot on your patio please give us a call!! 🦋 #containergardening #showstopper #butterflies #hummingbird @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #germantowntn

When #corkysbbq asked us to help with planters to direct parking around the new #greetingsfrommemphis mural wall we jumped on the chance!! We choose and modified these farm troughs for the job! By adding wheels, potting with low Boxwood and snow and summer jasmine we were able to accomplish the parking problem without taking away from this work of art!! Yea to @corkysmemphis for continuing to make Memphis great and now...they want to see your smiling faces with this beautiful creation by Brandon Marshall! Snap your photos using the hashtag #corkysbbq 🌿 #pottedboxwood #trough #muralart #muralpainting #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901

We want to make your Sunday A Funday with our “ How to Plant a Showstopper” class today at 1:00 in our greenhouse 🌿 Come and learn the tricks of the trade and have beautiful and healthy potted containers! #sundayfunday #containergardening #joyinthejourney #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Oh what’s not to love about this Avalanche Evergreen Clematis?? Who doesn’t want a profusion of pure white blooms every spring and beautiful green foliage year round?? Come in today and let us show you all the planting options you have with this showstopper!! We have lots in stock, if you can’t make it in today call me and I’ll hold for 24 hours!! 🌿 #avalancheclematis #whiteflowers #joyinthejourney #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @cottagesgardens @flowermagazine @monroviaplants @emilyxmonrovia