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Jumping on the #topiarytuesday with these chartreuse Lemon Cypress! Want to add a touch of this vivid color that combines the vitality of green with the energy and optimism of yellow? It is this associated with healing and good health. Yes please 💁‍♀️ 🌿 Keep your Lemon Cypress where they will get maximum amount of natural light. Keep the soil moist but not wet, here is where your moisture meter will be a game changer. This wonderfully citrus fragrant evergreen is sure to be a new favorite. #lemoncypress #lemon #chartreuse #choose901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn #topiary

Time for a new work week to start! Since we can’t take Monday off the calendar, we will choose great enthusiasm, enormous hope, and look forward to all the possibilities!! 🌿 Beware those of you that follow our new ig shop @millstonemarketshop I’m about to load new product. Apologies in advance for the flood in you ig feed 😘 My hope is that once I get most of the shop loaded we will only have a few post a day. 🌿 #makethemostofmonday #igshop #whiteorchids #outfordelivery #customarrangements #mondaymotivation #mondaystyle #shop901 #choosejoy #germantowntn #shopgermantown

🌿🌿Off To The Races!🌿🌿 Hat by: Kelvin Floodlight Dinnerplate Dahlia Hair by: Hindu Rope Hoya and Tillandsia 🌿 #offtotheraces #hats #customarrangements #derbyday #dahlia #hoyahindurope #ahoyaaday #hoyaplant #hoya #shop901 #shopgermantown @plantdetectives @house_plant_community

“Jellyfish Jellyfish, hey, is that you? You are not in the ocean, deep, dark, and blue! You have a seashell, tillandsia for tentacles too. Oh jellyfish, jellyfish, they have made a hanger so you can just be! May I have you, may I take you home with me? I have a friend who needs you too...oh jellyfish jellyfish so glad your not in the deep, dark, blue!” #happyfriday #jellyfish #airplants #tillandsia #poems @flowermagazine #choosejoy #shop901 #germantowntn #shopgermantown #choose901 #jellyfishentertainment

After springs first heavy bloom on this double clematis “Diamantina” it suffered from fungus from our wet spring. I gave up on it and cut it back to the ground leaving the root structure hoping for another flush and bloom next year. I even planted another vine next to it to cover the obelisk!! I could not believe last night when I saw what a survivor this plant is!! Not only did it fight through our record breaking heat but this warrior of a plant has chosen to flourish with a full bloom in August ! What I couldn’t see were just how deep and strong the roots were that sustained it in times of heat and drought. Dig deep, choose to bloom, and never give up! 🌿 #deeproots #digdeep #bebrave @styleblueprint @styleblueprintmemphis @flowermagazine #choose901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn @msrachelhollis @millstonemarketshop @monroviaplants #growbeautifully #monroviaplants #clematis

Today is the day we launch @millstonemarketshop 🌿 and true to my enneagram 9 w7 score we are optimistic, will try to avoid conflict and connect with more of you! We will look for the silver lining as the kinks arise. We are receptive to ideas and hope y’all will follow along!! #ohhappyday Are you true to your enneagram score? #onlineshopping #enneagram9 #silverlining #whiteorchids @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #choose901 #shop901 #germantowntn #shopgermantown

It’s been 10 weeks since Bruno was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy and here’s our update... He wobbles and smiles as he walks, needs help getting in the car, in the bed, on the boat, basically anything where he has to use his back legs for strength. He is not as active but is still his sweet self and always loves the question “you want to go to work?” #degernativemyelopathy #shopdog #shop901 #choosejoy @styleblueprint #dogsofinstagram #bernesedaily #bernesemountaindog #bernesemountaindogs @wafflenugget #berners #shopgermantown

“Crazy Hair Don’t Care” along with a few other things! As we navigate the heat while we price Christmas, sometimes your just need to let it go!! Here is to cooler temps, college football, and pumpkins coming soon! #secfootball #crazyhairdontcare #pumpkins #fallweather #shop901 #shopgermantown #airplants @styleblueprintmemphis #choosejoy @campodefioriusa

Did you know that Sansevieria is a very common succulent? The “snake plant” is perfect for beginners! It thrives on neglect, doing well in low-light, making it perfect for growing indoors. 🌿 Enjoy this repost as I am stuck out of town with a flat tire 🤦‍♀️ 🌿 #happymonday #sansevieria #snakeplant #motherinlawstongue #shopsmall #shop901 #choose901 #shopgermantown #repost

It was 30 years ago when I first started growing flowers but one year ago when I became “all in” with growing Dahlias! After falling in love on a trip to Hyannis Port, I started the journey. If you would like to grow beautiful dahlia and roses I encourage you to follow along @natchezglenhouse for step by step encouragement and information. Millstone will be also be offering “How to grow dahlia in zone 7” classes with our friend @manorwoodsgarden and are making plans now to team up with @natchezglenhouse this spring for some exciting dahlia opportunities. More information for will be coming from Millstone to you so you too can enjoy all the beauty the Dahlias have to offer.🌸 #dahliaoftheday #cuttinggarden #hyannisport #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @styleblueprint @flowermagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #choose901

Did you know that the orchid is one of the most symbolic flowers in history? Overall, they are considered symbols of love because they grow easily and bloom under most conditions. White orchids signifies elegance beauty and humility. The sunny yellow orchid are synonymous with joy and new beginnings. If I were to give this arrangement a name, don’t you think “Finding Joy In Humility” would be a good choice? Hoping your Friday filled both 🌿 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #humbleyourself #choose901 #shopsmall #shopgermantown #germantowntn @styleblueprintmemphis @styleblueprint #happyfriday #whiteorchids #yelloworchid #joyinhumility

Even on rainy days and Mondays, you can still make each day beautiful! #happymonday #mondaymotivation #germantowntn #shopgermantown @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #pottedarrangement

Wedding Day door decor! Wishing you joy and blessings on this special day friend! 🌿 #doordecor #hydrangea #celebrate #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #shop901 #choose901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

Growing boxwoods in containers raises them to new heights. These evergreen shrubs combine rich green foliage with a dense, formal shape that changes little over time. A boxwood looks just a beautiful in January as it does in June. Growing Tips: Choose a fast-draining container. Water so that the water runs from the drainage hole. Repeat to make sure soil is moist from top to bottom. Make sure you have fertile soil and top with compost in the spring. That’s the basics for you to grow beautiful boxwoods in your containers! #boxwood #containergardening #evergreenshrubs #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @lgrmag #shop901 #choose901 #shopgermantown

We hope to meet your entertaining needs with these easy to arrange vases! There are three sizes available so grab one or create a collection for your dining table. We are even growing beautiful flowers to fill them for you! One stop shop with us for your next dinner party 🌿🌸 #freshcutflowers #tabledecor #entertainment #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @lgrmag #choose901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

Charm them with this farmhouse flower stand. Approx. 36” tall and 14” wide this would work at the bar, entry hall, sideboard, or what about an event sign in table? So many possibilities! What are someways you could use this piece? #farmhousestyledecor #flowerstand #farmhouse #fromourgarden #freshcutflowers @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @lgrmag #choose901 #shop901 #shopgermantown #shopgermantowntn

I love discovering the symbolic meanings people have imposed on flowers. Here is what I have found on what is my favorite bloom of all! Passion Flower is a woody vine that has fascinating blooms. Roman Catholic priests in the 1500s named it for the Passion of Jesus Christ. They believed that several parts of the plant, including the petals, rays, and sepals, symbolized features of the Passion. The flower’s five petals and five petallike sepals represented to 10 apostles who remained faithful to Jesus throughout the Passion. The circle of hairlike rays above the petals suggested the crown of thorns. The leaf represents the spear and three pistil stumps are nails. This is the short version on what I think is the most beautiful bloom of all. What is your favorite bloom and it’s meaning? #passionvine #passionflowervine #flowermeanings #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #choose901 @styleblueprintmemphis @flowermagazine @lgrmag #germantowntn #shopgermantown

Our team has been working on our new YouTube channel for months and I’m thrilled to say two of our ten videos just launched!! Millstone Market is where you can find us 🌿 we plan on having all ten loaded by the end of August 🌸 Today we filmed a new resurrection garden tutorial, always a favorite ✝️ check out our channel, we would love to know what you think!! #youtube #youtubevideos #tutorials #bestteamever #ilovemyjob @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

This statement piece anchoring the new @nailbarandco is our Bird of Paradise! This beautiful tropical treasure is thriving in their sun-filled shop. Using their moisture meter to keep tabs on watering needs (will require more in summer and less in winter) allowing to dry out in between waterings. With rapid, growth some leaves will require support. We have potted this in rich soil that is well draining. Make plans to see our new shipment of these spectacular, tropical wonders due next week. Call or come by to get on the list to add the Bird of Paradise to your plant family! #bringtheoutdoorsin #birdofparadise #moisturemeter @thehouseplantclub #plantfamily @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @lgrmag @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #choose901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

Gardeners have used willow to create trellis, fences and other structures for many moons. This dahlia filled sweet pea baskets is an example of exceptional craftsmanship with long willow wands harvested from nearby woodlands. Dress your space by planting sweet peas, Black-eyed Susan vine, mandevilla or other compact vines. A liner can keep your soil contained. In this photo, I have lined and used oasis for our dahlia arrangement. I am holding the large basket, we have a med. size too!! 🌿 #partyready #sweetpeabaskets #willowbaskets #gardencharm #gardendecor #gardenbasket @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #germantowntn #choose901 🌿 Adorable cuff from : @rustandrevivalstyle Monogram by: @theclassicapplique

Recipe: 🌿 Sturdy container Screen, gravel, soil Millenium Ornamental Onion Golden Woodland Sedum Selaginella Mexican Heather Crispy Wave Fern Cast Iron Lamb 🐑 Combine all ingredients and water thoroughly. Place in 6 hours of sun or share with a friend to love! Serves endless amounts of joy! #lambofinstagram #lamboftheday #pottedplants #pottedgarden #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #choose901 #shopgermantown #shop901

The first shipment from market just arrived! We could not be more excited about our fall finds for you. Our goal in purchasing was to not repeat any product we have seen in other shops or not to purchase anything we have ever carried in the past!! These beautiful door baskets are just the beginning of our new finds!! Does your door suffer from the drab door syndrome? It’s a common diagnosis we can now cure for you! Make your ho-hum door a conversation piece. #doordecor #curbappeal #doorbasket #partyready @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #shopgermantown

Flowers are more than just a way to fill a garden or bouquet. Apart from their natural beauty studies show they improve your overall quality of life. The delicacy of their petals can serve as a reminder of the fragility of nature and life. When given as a gift, they put a smile on the face of the receiver. The beauty of nature’s bounty can bring comfort, boost morale or show appreciation to someone. Starting off our day with this bounty! Let us help you spread a little extra cheer today with our 10.00 grab and go bouquets 🌸🌿 Feel free to call for availability, special orders will not be taken. We only have what our garden gives us today! #petalpower #freshcutflowers #randomactsofkindness #flowerfarm @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @lgrmag

It’s that time of year again when we benefit from all our limelight hydrangea blooms. These full to part sun award winning hydrangea is the perfect accent on hot summer days. This past January we pruned 4’ off the almost 7’ tall bare branches. In February before they started to flush out we added triple superphosphate to promote new growth and blooms. Limelight’s only bloom on new wood and they have not disappointed us this year!! #limelighthydrangea #whiteflowers #cuttinggarden @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @cottagesgardens @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shop901 #germantowntn

Now offering the first of a garden series by our friend @deannahamsleyartwork 🌸 What a treat to share her love of painting with you! This treasure, affectionately named “Growth”, is 36” square and available! #customartwork #gardenart #shop901 #germantowntn #shopgermantown @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @cottagesgardens #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Number two grandson of three, number four grandson on the way! 💙💙💙💙 What a treat to have Bennett help in our cutting garden 🌿🌸 My love for this sweet boy and our fresh cut zinnias makes for a winning combination! Only the flowers and fabulous green vase available!! #freshcutflowers #zinnias #zinniasofinstagram #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #shopgermantown @lgrmag @flowermagazine @styleblueprint @athomemagazine

We are back from our Millstone vacation rested and ready to create! This week Jeannie, Mel, and I will be be headed to market for our best fall for you! We will be giving the inside a fresh look and redesigning our outdoor layout for plants and annuals. Keep posted for our new finds later this week, we are going on an adventure and want to take you with us!! Beautiful color options are currently available so having a summer supper and need some table decor, no worries!! #summersupper #summercolors #tabledecor #centerpieces #containergardening @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @lgrmag @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #shop901 #shopgermantown

Today we will be closing at noon and reopening Monday, July 8th at 9:00 am 🇺🇸 This is the time of year where we take a much need break and refocus on fall and Christmas! Jeannie, Mel and I will be headed to market next week to wrap up preorders for spring 2020 and finalize all fall and Christmas decor. We are planning a trip to our Christmas Tree farm and Andrew and Colin have booked their plane flights to a trade show in Texas. Our team is going to have a new layout for fall annuals and our small flower farm is starting to burst open with blooms. Thanks so much to all of our loyal customers, we are working hard to make this our best fall for you! Happy Fourth of July to all and we look forward to finishing 2019 with a bang!! 🎇 #starsandstripes #fourthofjuly #customarrangements #pottedgarden @styleblueprint @athomemagazine @post31interiors @lgrmag @flowermagazine #joyinthejourney #shop901 #shopgermantown

Too busy to water your plants this summer? No worries, choose these drought tolerant Blue Chalk Stick Succulents, they will be waiting patiently for their turn for your attention. Once established they can go three or four weeks between watering!! If you grow indoors your Blue Chalk Stick will thrive and do best in a full sun location but you can also grow outdoors in partial shade. If outdoors it must be cared for indoors during the winter. When your chalk stick gets to high feel free to pinch back, this will encourage branching. 🌿 #bluechalksticks #succulents #succulentsofinstagram #joyinthejourney #diginthedirt @succulents_of_swanbourne @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #choosejoy #growbeautifully @monroviaplants

This perennial arrangement is out for delivery but we can do this for you too!! If you want to DIY we will be happy to help you select the perfect combination!! Remember we will be closing Wednesday July 3rd at noon - back open the Monday after July 4th! #letsgetthispartystarted #july4th #customarrangements #cuttinggarden @styleblueprintmemphis @flowermagazine @cottagesgardens @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown

1000 blooms in a season from a single plant, heat tolerant, award-winning, sunny yellow petals with a dash of rich red surround the large brown center, SunBelievable Brown Eyed Girl Helianthus are back in stock!! 🌻 This full sun, phenomenal flower power, makes a great container, accent or mass border plant. These showy flowers are great for cutting with a strong stem and vase life. What a win win with this third place 2018 Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year, recognized for its flower power and excellent garden performance. @monroviaplants #growbeautifully #sunbelievable #shop901 #joyinthejourney #germantowntn #shopgermantown @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @cottagesgardens @flowermagazine

A new, Irresistible variety with the same showstopping lime green flower clusters as limelight, but a more compact form. The exquisite, long-lasting blooms on very sturdy stem’s age to nearly pure white. Gorgeous in fresh or dried cut flower arrangements. Ideal for use as a container plant or a focal point for smaller gardens. Deciduous. Light needs are partial shade to full sun. #partyready #candyapple #hydrangea @monroviaplants #growbeautifully #cutflowergarden @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine @lgrmag #joyinthejourney #shop901 #germantowntn

Several weeks ago I posted the heart breaking news that Bruno was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. We have taken him to underwater therapy, scheduled for acupuncture, and we have been giving him cbd oil twice daily. So, he is still wobbly when walking but he can walk!! The clinical course can range from 6 months to 1 year before dogs become paraplegic. The blessing is that it is not a painful disease. We gave Bruno a summer haircut to ease the stress...looks good don’t you think ?? #bernesedaily #bernesemountaindog @wafflenugget #bernesemountaindogs #degenerativemyelopathy

This summer mix and match your indoor containers with color, texture, or even types of plants. We have a new shipment of plants that not only thrive both indoors and outdoors but will bring life and energy into any living space. #thecolorpurple #orchid #succulents #monday #doughbowl @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @flowermagazine #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Keeping it simple on this Saturday, the second day of summer!! Aptly named Watermelon Peperomia for its similarity to the rind of a watermelon. 🍉 A bright room with not to much water and less water in the winter will help this plant thrive. These are very easy to grow and can make a good plant choice for the beginner. Non-toxic to cats and dogs. New shipment yesterday, right now we have plenty!! #watermelonpeperomia #watermelonparty #houseplants #houseplantsofinstagram @houseplantclub #saturday #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

🎼 One of these things is not like the others One of these things just doesn’t belong Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song? Three of these things are kind of the same...Now it’s time to play our game 🎼 #guessinggame #oneofthesethingsisnotliketheother #fridayfunday #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @flowermagazine @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #germantown #germantowntn

Ready for pickup!! Bring us your container or choose from one of ours, we will have you good to go for your next soirée ! . . . #partyready #whiteorchids #whiteflowers #shop901 #customarrangements #joyinthejourney @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shopgermantown #shopsmall

“How to Plant A Showstopper” will be one of 10 Youtube videos we will be launching this summer. This shade perennial container will be part of the show!! We will have one for Sun, part sun, and this is the one that was potted for shade!! . . . Some controversial thoughts : Last week a customer returned 3 plants she purchased a month before that didn’t make it. After some conversation trying to find out what happened, irrigation, soil, plant placement, etc... it became clear that they were planted in the plastic buckets and also not watered. They did not know to remove the plants from the buckets, loosen the roots, etc.... things we think everyone already knows to do to give your plant a long happy life! So we have added a few more videos to our, soon to be launched, informational channel “Take The Guess Work Out Of Planting Shrubs” But since I think of plant death as something that occasionally happens to even the best gardeners - a natural part of the process of growing plants - do you think it’s something nurseries should be expected to take responsibility for? Thoughts? #howtoplant #containergarden🌱 #shadegarden #perennialgarden

Fresh from our new cutting garden!! Not sure when we will actually be able to call it a “Flower Farm” but those words are music to my ears! If you have driven down Poplar lately you might have noticed the field in front of the shop starting to transform 🌸🌿 . . . On a side note! I might be late to the game but I have been listening to #canthurtme book written by David Coggins. It had many great reviews and it grabbed my attention. His story has started to reshape my thoughts in areas I was really struggling with. His delivery can be harsh and he leaves (what seems like) it all out there! Just one of hundreds of take aways “Everyday you’re trying to find more of what you’re capable of and that’s the big question. What are you capable of? Stop doing the things that you do everyday. If you run everyday, go swim.” #growsomething #growsomethingbeautiful #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

If you are looking for a bright spot we can help! Two plant trucks will be in this week with fresh color for inside and out. Watch our ig stories and I’ll highlight the new inventory! Can’t wait to see you! #summercontainers #summervibes #tabledecor #pottedplants @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn #germantown

Time to rework your door decor? Let us help you add charm and summer color! Bring in your containers or choose from one of ours...we can have you party ready in no time 🎉 #doordecor #doordecoration #curbappeal #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #germantown #germantowntn #shop901

Are you waking up to your stems being eaten off, leaves are yellowing and wilting, and holes are appearing, you may have a striped or spotted cucumber beetle problem. Now that the weather has warmed up, insects emerge from their winter slumbers and begin their search for food. Pair this with their natural instinct to reproduce this time of year, and the results can be tough. We will do what we can to help...bring us photos or the culprit itself (in a secured baggie) and we will help you identify and hopefully control your pest problems. Have y’all seen any of these guys or is it just me?? #cucumberbeetle #gardenpests #gardenpestcontrol #joyinthejourney #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #shop901 #shopgermantown #germantowntn

So now that I have a moss mound how do I take care of it? Once the moss has been harvested and shipped to us it will not continue to live but will stay green for years with minimal care. You need to keep your moss mound out of the sun, including sunny windows, and mist the entire surface of your moss mound twice a week. By keeping the moss hydrated it will keep a fresh appearance, remain soft, and keep the edges from separating. That’s it!! By checking out #mossmoundmonday you can see several of our moss mound creations!! Which is your favorite ? #joyinthejourney #mossmound #moss #choosejoy @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shopgermantown

This little Happy is available to make someone’s Saturday! Feeling refreshed, and a bit soggy, after all the rains? Well, we are grateful for the lower humidity and cooler temps forecasted for the upcoming week here in the south! It’s not time to put those shovels away yet...come see us today!! Remember our new summer hours: M- Sat. 9:00 to 5:00 and closed Sundays 🌿🌸 #gardening #joyinthejourney #randomactsofkindness #makesomeonesday #shop901 #germantowntn @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Whether your style is contemporary or cottage Agapanthus is impossible not to love. Once your early spring bloomers fade here come these flamboyant and prized showstoppers!! Choose from purple, blue or white and add this spectacular spherical perennial to your garden. Easy to grow, pest and disease free, with upright stalks atop clumps of beautiful, long, shiny leaves. Agapanthus thrive in full sun to partial shade. These attract hummingbirds and work well as a cut flower. What more could you ask of a plant 🌿 #agapanthus #perennialgarden #cuttinggarden @styleblueprintmemphis @cottagesgardens @athomemagazine #joyinthejourney #choosejoy

Who doesn’t need a sassy swan sprinkler to add a smile to their garden? Now that your plants are in place do you still feel like something is missing? This swan sprinkler is sure to add a touch of charm while working hard to keep your plants well watered. 🦢 #swansofinstagram #joyinthejourney #whimsicalgarden #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine

Looking for that perfect tree to add interest to your garden? Well, the graceful look of this Japanese Stewartia should be on display for all to see. Summer blooms and fall color only add to its charm. Slow growing only reaching 15-30 Ft tall it works well in all size lawns. Lovely, Camellia-like blooms in the summer and bronzy-purple foliage in fall. This is an all season performer!! #japanesestewartia #ornamentaltree @monroviaplants @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine #germantowntn #shop901 #joyinthejourney #choosejoy #curbappeal

Combining garden elements can bring attention to those special treasures that would otherwise be lost. We love our little boy with the bunny statue but he just isn’t large enough to stand alone in the garden. Placing him as a focal point in this arrangement gives him a place to shine! 🌿 New Summer hours: M- Saturday 9 - 5:00 Closed Sundays 🌿 #boysandbunnies #gardendecor #gardenstatuary #germantowntn #shop901 @styleblueprintmemphis @athomemagazine @cottagesgardens