Return Policy

Millstone Market & Nursery prides itself on using quality plant material available at the time of installation. The business understands that in some circumstances plants fail, despite every effort to remedy stressed plants. Millstone Market & Nursery will acknowledge the following policy, only if the customer meets the requirements of the policy. If customer adherence to the following provisions is not followed, the plant replacement policy will become null and void. Millstone Market & Nursery will honor the plant replacement policy for a period of 90 days after installation with a sprinkler system and for a period of 15 days without a sprinkler system. 1. All accounts must be current and paid in full. Payments are due upon completion of the installation or according to special terms set forth prior to job, e.g. special orders. 2. Millstone Market & Nursery does not guarantee ANY transplanted plant material. 3. Proper plant care procedures as explained by a Millstone Market & Nursery employee must be followed. See “After Planting Care Instructions” below. 4. There are no guarantees on sod installations. 5. Millstone Market & Nursery must be notified immediately of stressed plants. Any claims submitted for completely dead plants, without prior notification, will be denied. 6. Plant replacement will be a one (1) time replacement only. 7. Our guarantee is void if plants are moved from their original planting location. 8. Plant replacements will match the original plant material as close as possible. Millstone Market & Nursery may substitute plant material, when and if necessary due to plant availability. 9. Replacement will occur when it is best for the plant’s health, which is highly dependent on the growing season. Millstone Market & Nursery will determine the proper time to replace plant material. 10. Plants that are damaged due to animals, vehicles, chemicals, diseases, insects, improper cultural practices, such as over or under watering, over fertilization, faulty irrigation, vandalism or Acts of God (i.e. lightning, flooding, hail, ice storms, abnormal and/or extreme weather conditions such as prolonged sub-zero or high temperatures or drought, early and late season severe freezes, damaging winds, etc.) are not guaranteed. 11. Perennials, annuals, tropicals, groundcovers, bulbs, sod, plants in pots, plants in planter boxes or container of any kind are not guaranteed due to susceptibility to moisture and temperature extremes. 12. Millstone Market & Nursery is not responsible for moving or repositioning sprinkler heads, lines, mains or valve boxes. 13. Customer should call 811 before any planting job begins to mark buried lines so we may dig safely around them. 14. There are no labor charges for plant replacements unless plant material dies due to events listed in policy #10 (see above). Millstone Market & Nursery reserves the right to determine cases of homeowner neglect. In this case, homeowner is responsible for all replacement costs. Acceptance: I (we) have read this Policy and find the terms acceptable. Homeowner Signature: Millstone Market & Nursery Representative: Policy Effective Date: AFTER PLANTING CARE INSTRUCTIONS Millstone Market & Nursery will water the plants at time of installation. We ask that you water deeply and frequently to ensure the healthy establishment of your new planting. We recommend routine monitoring of the plants; watching for signs of stress, such as, drying of leaves or dieback of any portion(s) of the tree/shrub. Should you notice signs of stress, please notify us immediately to discuss your observations. We recommend using a moisture meter if you are unsure how much water your plants are getting.